Meet The Good Tee

As shoppers, we rarely consider the implications our purchases have on the communities who actually make the clothes we wear. As a result, companies are incentivized to drive prices and quality lower. However, there are ways to produce market products ethically and sustainably, and that's where we come in. We created The Good Tee to make it easier for you to purchase guilt-free, responsibly made fashion basics.

We believe in humanizing the apparel industry and celebrating the makers who make our clothing. We maintain fair and honest relationships with our manufacturing partners and emphasize 100% transparency of a traceable supply chain.

Our Fair Trade certified t-shirts are designed and delivered to you with the environment and humans' lives in mind. The Good Tee is there right from the farm to creation and right through to delivery. You can shop with us knowing that we have developed products around the principles of the products’ life cycle, relentless quality, honest value and a positive impact.