Meet Pleni Naturals

Allyson Owens, Founder of Pleni Naturals

Allyson Owens is a former aesthetician, product educator and product developer with over 20 years experience in the skin care industry. Allyson was inspired to start Pleni after the birth of her first child when she realized most of the skin care options in the naturals category for children were made of similar ingredients (lavender, calendula and chamomile). She set out to change that with her line of nutritious, food-inspired skin care products filled with premium fruits and veggies.

Most recently, Allyson has circled back to her original passion of helping people achieve healthy, balanced skin with the launch of an intro luxury skin care collection including the award winning Enzyme Cleansing Oil and Day Squad Face Oil. It's Allyson's promise to continue creating gentle yet effective skincare that is nutritious and better for our bodies and the planet.

Pleni Natural's company goals extend beyond creating natural and safe skincare products - they aspire to change the way kids’ think about fruits and veggies. That’s why they've chosen to partner with 
Life Lab, a pioneering nonprofit that has cultivated children’s love of learning, healthy foods, and nature through garden-based education since 1979. Life Lab is a local organization with national impacts: its school garden partnerships, field trips, enriched after-school programs, and day camps inspire more than 5,000 preschool and elementary school children each year on California’s Central Coast.