Meet Perch

As an eco-forward brand, Perch is proud to share that:

  • All our candle products are made with undiluted, domestic vegetable-based soy wax.
  • Our wick assemblies are made with organically grown cotton and paper core.
  • Our containers are sourced from recycled or recyclable components both glass and metal.
  • Our packaging consists of paperboard that is sourced from protected forests - SFI compliant.
  • We use vegetable-based inks for all packaging and marketing materials.
  • Our packaging is made with 100% wind energy.
  • Our fragrance diffusers and room sprays contain no alcohol or other harmful volatile chemicals.
  • Our personal care products contain no harsh sulfates or parabens. 

Fragrances are completely custom crafted and developed in-house and are painstakingly sourced and assembled from the finest essential and fragrance oils available.  Phthalate, solvent, and additive-free.