Meet Carry Courage

Carry Courage is dedicated to providing sustainable materials for all of its designs. The cork fabric is harvested from the cork oak tree, from sustainable forests with strict harvesting regulations to protect this resource and regulate its quality.

The Cork Oak is the only tree that benefits from the removal of its bark, which regenerates every 8-10 years. Once harvested, the tree absorbs about 5 times the CO2, making harvesting cork bark important in reducing greenhouse gasses.  

Linen is a natural plant-based fiber that will biodegrade after it is discarded making it an eco-friendly option. Made using the entire flax plant and without pesticides, they source theirs from a family-owned United States supplier that has been in business for nearly 100 years.

Their metal bag hardware is also sourced from the United States, from a woman-owned company that is committed to providing high-quality hardware for bag makers.