Meet Brave Soles

Founder Christal Earle came up with the idea of upcycling used tires for the soles of shoes while in the Dominican Republic and noticing the overwhelming amount of tires destined for landfills. She went on to found Brave Soles with a vision to create beautiful fashion that's kind to both people and the planet at a fair price.

Using innovative solutions, such as upcycling, microfinancing, and community engagement, her company is helping break the cycle of poverty for both her suppliers and impoverished communities.

Their shoe leather is sourced in the Dominican Republic with a local business,  Bojos Tannery.  As a certified gold member of the Leather Working Group, Bojos is transparent about their process and upholds high environmental standards.

Brave Soles' regular accessories leather collection is sourced from either upcycled aircraft seats and furniture cutoffs from furniture makers or overstock leather from the manufacturing zones of the Dominican Republic.