Meet Aini

Aini Organix is a small women of color owned and operated business out of Atlanta, Georgia. We hand-make, package and sell African-inspired natural skin and body care products. Every one of of our products utilizes at least one ingredient from the continent to create professionally formulated effective products that will transform what you think about beauty products. We believe that pampering yourself is imperative and that Mother Nature provides us with powerful ingredients. We spare no cost and cut no corners when it comes to the quality of our products and promise richness and luxury in every bottle.


  • To create clean, effective, professionally formulated products using ingredients that celebrate the richness of African cultures as well as the culture of the diaspora.

  • To empower the women that grow our ingredients, make our products and run our business by providing an opportunity to change the course of their lives by paying them what they deserve.

  • To pour back into our communities, invest in our neighborhoods and empower our people through trickle-down economics strategies and community outreach programs.